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September 13, 2005

Roberts' answers on privacy give no assurance to pro-choice Americans

Nancy Keenan issued the following statement in response to Sen. Arlen Specter’s questioning of John Roberts:

“In his first round of questioning, John Roberts failed to state whether he believes the right to privacy includes a woman’s right to choose as recognized in Roe v. Wade. He still must answer this vital question directly; the American people expect him to do so as the hearings go forward.

“Furthermore, Roberts’ comments on precedent and the role of stare decisis did not take into account the very real fact that there is more than one way to dismantle Roe. In this coming session alone, the Supreme Court will take up at least two reproductive rights-related cases. The Supreme Court could render Roe v. Wade a shell of itself, even without overturning the landmark decision. Roberts’ answers to Sen. Specter’s questions did nothing to give Americans confidence that, as Chief Justice, he would protect their fundamental freedoms.”

In addition, ConfirmThem.com (a blog organized by RedState.org) just came out all gleeful over Roberts’ answers on privacy. That should be enough to make you terrified:

Roberts’ answer was brilliant. He made a statement that will satisfy most Americans about privacy while leaving himself enough wiggle room to move the Court on that issue in the future.

ConfirmThem also reports this little tidbit:

A top-flight, leading conservative pro-life lawyer with a vibrant Supreme Court practice whose name most readers of this forum would know just walked into the room where I’m sitting. He was thrilled about Roberts’ answers during the dialogue with Specter and indicated his strong approval and endorsement. He explained that Roberts’s answer was carefully framed to provide a basis for revisiting and overturning Roe in the future. Specifically, he indicated that Roberts said that precedent could be overturned on the basis of changing circumstances.

Posted by Jessica at September 13, 2005 11:37 AM

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