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January 22, 2006

A look back on choice

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision that may not be around much longer if things keep going the the way they have.

There are plenty of ways to get involved and celebrate today, so get to it!

But before you run to your nearest pro-choice group to help out, here’s a look back at the year in U.S. reproductive rights:

Terrible (but not shocking) fact: Last year’s legislative season marked a record high in anti-choice maneuvers.

Most annoying contradiction: Young women are said to take choice for granted, young women create zine on reproductive rights.

Strangest anti-choice moves (there are a bunch):

Gym erects a fetus tree in their lobby to celebrate the holiday season.

Group tries to fly pics of aborted fetuses over Hawaii beaches.

A teacher is fired for pro-choice volunteer work.

The Christian Right attempts to block HPV vaccine for fear it will make women slutty.

Anti-choice group claims Hurricane Katrina is punishment for abortion.

Racist group pays women to be sterilized.

A Virginia school fines women who have abortions. ($500 for abortion, only $250 for racial or sexual harassment)

Arizona pharmacist recommends lying to women about EC availability.

University of Wisconsin tries to ban EC and birth control from campuses.

A fetus sings.

Wackiest anti-choice legislation:

Texas docs who perform abortions could face the death penalty.

Indiana and Virginia try to make marriage a requirement for motherhood.

NY Governor Pataki vetoes over-the-counter EC for fear teens will obtain it. But teens can get abortions without parental consent or notification in NY.

Virginia delegate proposes a bill that would jail women for not reporting their miscarriages.

Interesting/telling bush fact:
The President still won’t say if he’s against contraception.

Fetus-love only: Pregnant women across the country get fired, denied divorces.

Most anti-choice states: Ohio, Indiana and South Dakota all try to outlaw abortion.

Most thorough anti-choicers:
Groups in Mississippi try to shut down the last abortion clinic.

Emergency contraception goes through hell:

Pharmacists deny women prescriptions. Everywhere.

Hospitals are encouraged to break laws
requiring informing rape victims about EC.

Federal guidelines for treating sexual assault conveniently leave out any mention of EC.

Despite research that shows EC availability has nothing to do with promiscuity and that most doctors support it, legislators insist it’s a Girls Gone Wild situation.

Smack in the face to young women:
Parental notification is everywhere; in Texas you need a written note from your parents.

Right to privacy? What’s that?: Ohio, Indiana and Kansas all seek women’s private medical records.

Supreme Court: After three anti-choice nominees, we’re just plain scared.


The FDA continues to trump politics over science.

Even the government says so.

Smart folks leave.

FDA puts veterinarian in charge of Office of Women’s Health. Then they deny it.

Hager gets called out.

Scary fact: American women having more babies they don’t want.

Persistence doesn’t pay off (yet): Bushie keeps trying on the “partial birth” abortion ban.

Pipe down little ladies:
Boy blogs tell women to stop worrying about choice.

Cause clearly we're in great shape.

Posted by Jessica at January 22, 2006 9:23 AM

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Most excellent points, Jessica!
We, the majority have become lazy, and goddamn stupid, in that we have sat on our lazy asses, concerned with what suvs we drive, what our condos are worth, and how our portofolios are doing in increased wealth. Who cares about the person such as Luaren, whose plight was potrayed in another post here, when our investment realises a good return? The issues are too much to address when it does not involve our personal financial agenda. WE have the American dream to chase, what ever the fuck that is!
Chase those dreams and see your personal rights go down the cesspool of the Potomac.
I hate to continue to hark back to Hitler's Germany, but the analogy keeps slapping me in the face. It was the vocal extremist faction that brought about his reign of terror. They were not the majority, just the vocal, energetic minority that shouted themselves into power. Are you all prepared to participate in a repeat of that abomination by allowing the religiuos nazis to attain the same position the Nazis attained in the thirties? Should we sit still and wring our hands in despair? Are you women going to sit still while all past progress you attained is to be eroded?
What is the solution? The Democratic Party has done much posturing, but little else. They may represent the minority in Congress, but they certainly do not represent the majority of the Ameican population, i.e. YOU! The time for massive protest is at hand,whether in mass protest in Washington, and fuck their "free speach" zones. The voices must be held loud and clear. You women are being marginalised in the halls of government today. So go back to washing the dishes, and laundry, or give em hell to pay!

Posted by: robert at January 23, 2006 4:30 AM

"So go back to washing the dishes, and laundry, or give em hell to pay!"

How insulting. Yeah, it's not one or the other for me, thanks.

Posted by: Anna at January 23, 2006 10:04 AM

I hope you did not misinterpret my message as your post seems to suggest. Any of my friends here know I would not post an insulting message to women here. I was being sarcastic in my message. I was conveying the mesaage that we either get militant about challenging the paradigm coming into existence today, or we regress back to the conditions women of my generation fought so hard for to redress. I offer no apologoies for that.

Posted by: robert at January 24, 2006 3:18 AM

I do offer apologies for typos, however

Posted by: robert at January 24, 2006 3:21 AM