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January 9, 2006

Butthead Aussie Fetalist Lacks Clue

Twisty Faster is blogging for choice.

Sure, he’s an Australian, but he’s clearly been studying American godbaggery:

 Deputy Nationals Leader Warren Truss has spoken out against giving women access to the abortion pill RU486, arguing they should not see a termination as “the easy way out” of an unwanted pregnancy.

For pete’s sake. Why shouldn‘t women have an easy way out? Men sure as hell do.

I could not be more sick and tired of the intolerable misogynist position that women should (a) suffer horrible emotional debilitation over the supposedly traumatic decision to excise a few parasitic cells from our personal organs, and (b) crawl on our knees over broken glass to get it done.

Go to I Blame the Patriarchy for the rest of the post.

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