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April 2, 2007

Speaking out on SC bill

Check out this great editorial about the draconian South Carolina bill that would force women to look at ultrasounds before obtaining an abortion. The writer actually identifies as pro-life, but notes that this law would be about nothing more than punishing women.

If the woman looks away, will someone yank her head around? If she closes her eyes, will her eyelids - "Clockwork Orange"-style - be clamped open?

If the woman changes her mind and decides to have the baby, will there be counselors to offer support - social, economic, you name it - to deal with the issues that led her to seek an abortion in the first place? Or, will she be turned out, more confused than ever?

Will the state owe the children medical insurance, day care and good schools with proper sex education?

Will the father be forced to share in this legal treatment, considering his part?

...But this law is about punishment, cruel punishment. Take a woman who's going through an emotional wringer, and pummel her when she's down.

Make sure to read the whole piece...

Posted by Jessica at April 2, 2007 10:11 AM